Screen in, speakers up, left pocket

The iPhone was designed to be kept in a front pocket. Harder to lose a $600 computer when it’s screen in, speakers up, left pocket (for non-southpaws like me). 

Last month I learned this the hard way when I lost track of my iPhone 5. As a result, I’m a slave to Verizon for 2 more years. 

This blog post is being composed on my replacement phone, which will promptly be returned screen in, speakers up, left pocket.

Blogging on a phone is tough. I’ve been fighting with autocorrect all the way.


5 raisons d’etre for abstract utility

by Daniel Wilcock

1. To pass e-Business/Social Media Technology Trends, taught by John Gilroy, veteran technologist and radio personality extraordinaire.

2. Beyond school books and dirty looks, to share thoughts on a wide range of topics with people I care about and total strangers alike. Well, duh, it’s a blog.

3. To riff on social media with effervescent wit. Yeah right.

4. When the mood strikes, to go very deep into an issue or topic I care about.  This is unlikely to involve kittehs–sorry to dissapoint–but your suggestions are welcome.

5. To provide a space to explore and, in some limited sense, an exploration of space.