8 observations from Time’s ‘Future of Mobility’ forum

Left to Right: Aneesh Chopra, senior advisor at the Advisory Board Company; Isobel Coleman, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; Matt Flannery, co-Founder and CEO of Kiva; Judith McHale, president and CEO of Cane Investments, LLC; Rey Ramsey, president and CEO of TechNet and Jeff Kluger, Senior Editor, Time (moderator)

By Daniel Wilcock

This week Time magazine hosted a panel discussion called the Future of Mobility:The Wireless Revolution at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

On Time‘s website you can watch an except of the keynote Q&A between Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber (“everyone’s private driver”), and Time‘s Michael Duffy.

The other panelists, listed above, didn’t spend much time talking about the future. Yet they did come up with some curious observations.  Here are eight of the best:

1. Duffy’s guess as to why Kalanick created Uber: “It was for swag.”

2. McHale: “There’s a dark side of technology.”

3. Ramsey: Hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the worldwide app marketplace are “one of the few good news stories about the economy.”

4. Chopra: “The blue button will empower patients.”

5. Coleman: Mobility technology has replaced the “proverbial well” where villagers would gather to exchange gossip.

6. Coleman: “We’re on the cusp of massive transformation” in Africa, thanks to undersea data cables.
7. Flannery: Speaking of Kiva: Only $1 million out of $350 million has been stolen.

8. Chopra: Wireless buy-in can be bipartisan.

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  1. does wp.me give you any tracking information like bitly does? good use of numbers in title, good photo . . . I see two links . . . kind of hard to distinguish . . when was the event?

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